My name is Jay Pryor. I work with highly successful people. I help them to wake up to the fact that even though they've gone far, they can go further. I wake them up to the idea that they can shape their work and create their life exactly the way they want it to be. My voice helps them find their voice. I coach one on one, I work with groups, and I speak. I give people real actions and I put people on the hook to hold them accountable for what they say they want. My clients will tell you that I tell it like it is. I wake up every day because I have the honor and privilege of inspiring people to get clear, to take a good look at their accomplishments, their abundance, at what comes next, and at what can be. When someone says Jay Pryor woke me up, it sounds like a big thing. It's really a clear focus followed by small steps. Call it executive coaching, life coaching. It's really about building a new awareness, bringing a new level of integrity, and being held accountable. Because living at your best is worth waking up for.

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