Being Grateful for Triggers

Get_clear_about_what_you_want___who_you_have_to_be_to_get_it..jpgI listen to a lot of Abraham (Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks). Abraham always talks about "getting grateful for contrast." Being grateful for the things that don't seem to be going so well. In my work, I have clients (and myself) on the hook to pay attention to what triggers us, the things that hijack our brains and send us into a tizzy. We look for those things.


I am curious about and grateful for those things. When I get that amygdala response triggered by something, it illuminates a belief I have- and likely one that isn't serving me very well. If you say something that trips my trigger and send me into an angry tizzy, there is something going on in there. Some belief I have is triggered and I get hijacked. Once I come down from the hijack, my job is to get curious and try to loosen that knot and find out what is the belief that's under there.

In my book, we talk about belief systems. Beliefs are just things we've told ourselves over and over again. We are all just full of these beliefs that we've created our whole lives that then run us. These beliefs we create then make neural patterns in our brains that just run. They run. We don't run them. They run us.

Our job is to get up under that reaction and figure out what is in the way of being powerful. Beliefs that we aren't good enough or that "this is how it's going." When someone says something that triggers that and we get all intense about it and bent out of shape about it, that is a clue that something is there in the way of your own power. The thing. The one belief that is standing in the way of you being the most powerful is behind those things that are triggering you right now.

If something is triggering you, get under it and get curious. Start asking yourself questions. Don't resist it or just get mad and try to ignore it. Allow the hijack to pass. Get yourself to a calm place. Then get curious and be willing to ask yourself, "what belief is this touching in me that prompts this visceral, intense reaction?" There is something for you to dig up there and look at. When you do and you can be with it and get it out of the way, it's going to be a huge hurdle. That breakthrough is going to be a big one. Don't shy away from that stuff. Get under it. Get grateful for the uncomfortable, scary stuff. Get grateful for the contrast and you'll find a whole new level of power for yourself. 

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