Clarity & Integrity: Manifesting Master Tools

We've been talking about you choosing a word for the year. Hopefully you've done that, you have a theme, you've collaged it or created a vision board. This talk is about two words I think are fundamental for manifesting what you want in your life: clarity and integrity. To me, clarity is about being completely clear what you want. It's one of the 7 steps in my book, get clear about what you want and ask for it. We want to put out into the world what we want. If you are feeling less than 100% clear, what brings clarity is action. You see something you might want - start taking action toward it. The more you move toward it, the clearer it becomes.

Get_clear_about_what_you_want___who_you_have_to_be_to_get_it..jpgThe other piece around clarity relates to belief. I have an amazing job. I get to be a co-creator with my clients.They are out there creating absolutely phenomenal things. I have 10-15 private clients who I get to co-create and manifest all kinds of different things with. Now, some of my clients manifest faster than others. The ones who manifest the fastest do so because they believe it. They have a crystal clear vision that they believe in 100%. No one could talk them out of it. There is not a doubt in their minds. I am working with a young woman right now who is manifesting a school. She has such powerful belief. Her clarity is intense and it is happening so fast. It is like a thrill ride working on it. What's there is that belief. The absolute, crystal clear clarity.

Now, once you have the clarity, you can't manifest it without integrity. By integrity I mean you getting your authentic self aligned with who you need to be to have the thing you want in your life. For example, with the client opening the school, if she is going to be the executive director of this school, who does she have to be? What does she need to get in integrity in her life so that she is showing up as that person right now?

Clarity and integrity. Ponder that this week. What is missing around clarity? Is belief missing? If it is, work on figuring out how to gain that confidence in yourself and your vision. If you have clarity, then what do you need to do to get into integrity? How can you align yourself with that vision for your life. I pondered that myself this week in meditation and I'm clear that those two things are key to manifesting what you what in your life. 

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