Group Coaching for Lean Inside Graduates

Group Coaching exists to support you in taking the vision you saw for your life in our day together to fulfillment.

It is easy to go unconscious to to your authentic power. This accountability structure allows you access to coaching that can help you to identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and keep you moving forward with energy and purpose. Your coach is there to help you see and implement changes that make all the difference in the effectiveness of your game. Additionally, the group dynamic functions as a mastermind where you will gain insight and inspiration from the challenges and breakthroughs of other powerful women in the group.

This group is open to Lean Inside graduates and individual coaching clients only. As with individual coaching, 6 months is the minimum commitment. We are focused on lasting change and achieving major goals, so it takes time. 

Calls are bi-monthly on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1pm. They end no later than 2:30pm. Recordings of calls are available if a call is missed. The format we follow is:

  • check in
  • specific coaching requests
  • hook lists.

Together, we will transform whatever B.S. that has you anything but thrilled with the path your life is on.

Group calls are a six month commitment. The cost is $200 a month or $1000 (a $200 discount) if you choose to pay all six months up front. 

I offer this group because your playing small does not serve the world. 

$200/month payment option

$1000 up front payment option

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