Happy New Year 2016


Happy New Year! It's one of my favorite times of the year because it's an automatic mulligan. It's an automatic do over. Do over everything. Create a word or a theme for the year. Create a new vision board, a new reality to live into. Start a new diet. Whatever you do though, remember progress, not perfection. It's in the book. It's in everything I do.

50% of people give up on New Year's resolutions in the first 3 weeks. Here's why: they try to do it perfectly. They say, I'm going to exercise 5 days a week! Then when they've managed it once or not at all by the end of January, they decide they can't do it. How about 1 a week if you aren't doing any. Even 2 maybe. Just ease into it. Progress not perfection.  

Can we make this year about you being kind to you? No railing on yourself for imperfection? One request. No matter what else you choose to focus on, make it about you being kind to you. Do progress, not perfection. Celebrate that progress.

Happy New Year!

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