Heart Breathing

This is the beginning of my series on things I want to expand on from the book, or that didn't make it in and would have if I were writing it today. Today's focus is a HeartMath exercise. HeartMath is fantastic, I hope you'll look them up. This is a simple exercise called breathing into your heart. We've talked about amygdala hijack and I talk about it in the book. It's when your reasoning brain is shut out of your thinking process. Coming down from that is important and can be tricky because we easily get re-hijacked when we are recovering from whatever upset us. 

This is a simple exercise. Essentially what you do is take a few really deep breaths focusing on your heart as you are breathing. It may help to place a hand on your heart as you do this. Once you have created a feeling as though you are breathing into your heart, think of a time when you felt love and affinity. Work on breathing that feeling into your heart until you feel yourself getting calm.

Calm, deep breathing and remembering the feeling of love releases chemicals that help get your brain back to a functioning state. Essentially, you are actively working with your physiology to counter the fight/flight/freeze response that is activated.

Since I learned this technique I've been using it often. Two days ago I used it with a client who came to me all bunched up. She was having a really hard time. Everything was really real for her. We used this exercise and within a matter of minutes she had calmed down and was able to get some power around her situation.

There is a lot of dark stuff happening around us right now. This is also the time of year days get darker and darker. The light is coming. As of December 22nd we will have lighter, longer days. Right now there is a lot going on and I know many of you are feeling heavy. If you will take on this exercise, I promise you it will make a difference.

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