Lean Inside Testimonials

What Lean Inside Live Participants Are Saying:

"At the Seminar, Jay gives women the tools necessary to transform their lives. In addition, he creates a safe, supportive
 environment which allows each of us, with his expert leadership, to explore and exchange ideas on how we can each meet our goals. The support I receive from Jay and the other women I met continues. I have a great network of female friends that nurtures, supports, and celebrates each step of my journey to success. If you ever wanted to know how powerful you really are, this is where you belong."
- Beth Pine

"Jay's Workshop was a life changer. Jay's honest approach has helped me to get out of my own way and succeed in ways I never dreamed could happen. The women who attended the workshop have become lifelines and a true support system which is an added bonus to all of the other takeaways from the day. Jay's process is real and results producing. I left with a plan to "get healthy" and in just 3 months I have lost 45 pounds! Once I stopped focusing on the negative and gave myself permission to be successful the weight literally melted away. But it isn't just about weight loss. Jay's words follow me in every aspect of my life and I have seen success in many other areas as well. These seminars were literally the best money I have spent in a long time and the cost has come back to me tenfold in just a few months. I would highly recommend attending this workshop series. Your new and improved life is waiting!" 
- Becca Booth

"Allowing myself the time to attend the workshop was not easy. I had quite a bit of guilt and angst for taking time away from my already packed work schedule, especially when I wasn’t giving that chunk of time to my family. After spending each session with Jay and this group of other successful women, I had the chance to charge my own battery through the sharing and activities presented. Upon attending the second session, I more fully realized the importance not only of Jay’s message, but also in making the time to nurture these female relationships in my life. The end result is I’m a better “me” when I make this time for me."
- Allison Vance Moore

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