Valentines Day is coming up and I lead a couples course on Monday. I thought I'd share with you part of the premise of that course and a quote I share with couples when I perform their marriage ceremonies. I am a licensed reverend and I perform ceremonies for people every once in a while. I always ask them to consider this quote from Abraham:

"I promise that I am going to do everything in my power to keep myself happy and I am not going to hold you, not ever accountable for the way I feel. So you are free. You are free to decide to behave in whatever way you decide to behave because I am an exerciser of unconditional love. The relationship that is supremely important is the relationship between me and me and when I get that into alignment you are going to have a really good time with me. Because when I hook up with that Source energy you are going to be loved like you've never been loved, appreciated like you've never been appreciated, and you're going to be uplifted like you've never been uplifted. You are off the hook because I take responsibility for how I feel."

I ask couples to take that on and my wife and I have talked about that. It's basically our premise. It's my job to make me happy. In my relationships with everyone and everything in my life, if I am in alignment with my authentic self and my happiest self everything is great. Then things in my relationships go really well. If you are someone who is in alignment and fulfilled and happy and the person you are with doesn't like you that way? Probably not the right fit.

In relationships this week and in your life, I want you to consider that. You are the only one who can make yourself happy. You are the only one who can align yourself with your most authentic, best self. Ponder that this week. Happy Valentines Day

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