This week is about resistance. Particularly, the resistance you create between getting what you want, that thing you are trying to manifest or fulfill on, and it actually being created. Some of the biggest resistance is you making yourself or the situation at hand wrong. Here's the deal: When you are playing a big game you will stretch yourself. We live in an expansive universe. You are an expansive person. As you start to play a bigger and bigger game, you expand yourself. When you expand like that, it is uncomfortable. As you start to feel that discomfort, many people make that mean that they are not on the right path, or that they are not doing it right or that something is wrong. 

There is nothing wrong here. When you are playing a big game and you are stretching yourself and you have uncomfortable days it doesn't mean anything. It just means that you are playing a big game and you are uncomfortable. You are doing stuff you've never done before. You are taking risks and challenging yourself. That is FANTASTIC.

What we do as humans, is we have a tendency to think, "Oh my God, I'm uncomfortable, I must be doing it wrong!" Then we should on ourselves & make ourselves wrong, and that causes resistance. That resistance is keeping you from manifesting what you want. You making yourself wrong or judging how things are going as bad is one of the biggest barriers to creating what you want. 

No matter what is going on, it's ok. It is how it is and probably how it is supposed to be. Regardless, what is happening IS what is happening. If you are making what is happening wrong then you are messing with yourself. Get grounded in the reality that sometimes when you are playing a big game, you will feel uncomfortable. If you can just be with that, and give up making it wrong it will make all the difference in the world. Look for where you are making yourself, the situation, or other people wrong. If you can give it up, it will make something else possible. You can see new possibilities when you give up making yourself, your situation, or other people wrong.


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