Space Clearing

Recently I had the privilege of joining my friends Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson on their podcast Being Boss. We had a blast, and also got a ton of great feedback on the topic of creating space. It made such a difference for people, I thought I'd share a bit more here. We were talking about creating a chalkboard or space for sales people to have new clients come in.

Aristotle is the one who said that nature abhors a vacuum. He was talking about in nature that when you have an empty patch of ground, things will start growing there. If you dig a hole at the beach then walk away, it gets filled in. In nature, those empty spaces fill up. By using that principle on purpose, you will really serve yourself. The other thing to know is that if you want something in your life, you must have a space for it. For example, if you want a lover and your are single so there is only room for one person in your bed and the rest is covered with books and cats, you might want to clear that off. It will give you a greater opportunity for a lover to come into your life than when you don't have room for it.

The same principal applies for those of you in sales. I have my clients create a visual sales display that lists their current clients then leaves blank space for new clients to fill in. When you leave those spaces, they will get filled in. That's it. It's a really simple tip. You can use a chalkboard or a whiteboard or a poster board. Just something in your space that you see on a regular basis. Something you see, so that you keep your focus on it that has blank spaces for those clients to fill in.

Keep in mind this is true in any area of your life. When you want something, you must be sure you have space for it to show up. You've got to clean out space in your life for those new things to come in.


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