PryorJ9863_4x5.jpgJay Pryor is a Transformational Leader who inspires with his words, illustrates the ups and downs of life through his own story, and tackles the tough questions. He brings a combination of humor and wisdom to the field of personal development that has audiences entertained as well as educated. His keynotes and corporate trainings reveal proven methods to discover and connect to your authentic self and find clarity that will permeate all facets of life and work. 


Lean_Inside_Logo_no_tag-02.pngHis keynote, “Lean Inside,” pulls from his transformational workshop for executive women of the same name that has been radically changing lives one step at a time. By encouraging women to release anything holding them back from success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives, Jay leads participants through actively creating their own lives and destinies. This keynote introduces that work and leaves audiences with practical steps toward living an extraordinary life. 



His keynote speech on being transgender is designed to challenge assumptions about gender and allow a glimpse in to what his world was like before and after his transition. Jay shares his personal story to educate and bring awareness to transgender issues. He uses humor and humanity allowing people access to education with out confrontation. If you are interested in booking Jay for a keynote speech, send a request.

Jay also educates on transgender issues because he has a powerful commitment to make a difference for gender nonconforming youth. Part of that commitment is fulfilled by sharing his story as part of the GMCLA’s “It Get’s Better Project Tour”.  Also find the It Gets Better Tour on Facebook.

Jay frequently participates in panels for the University of Kansas in his home town of Lawrence KS, as well as for KSTEP (Kansas Statewide Trangender Education Project) www.kstep.org