I am so blessed to be a dream fulfiller in my job. I get to help my clients put their higher selves in the driver's seat and create such inspiring results. Here are some of the really nice things they've had to say about the work we've done. Please feel free to add your own endorsement if my work has made a difference for you.

"Jay Pryor is a lifesaver. I was lucky to begin working with him at the darkest, most annoying point in my life to date. I was crazily overworked, burned out, tired and frazzled. By talking to Jay twice a month, he helped me take stock on where I was with everything - health/well-being, spiritually, financially, relationships, career/creativity, environment and we put a plan in place. He provided me with a ton of tools ranging from how I phrased things, books to read, homework to do, how I interacted with others, how I managed others and helped me get on the path I wanted to be on - one with a balanced life. It's such an amazing feeling to look back at that time, recognize what I was in and see the path that got me out. Like Robert Frost says "Although at times rough, the best way out is always through." And what a gift that is."

-Nicole Dieterichs, Executive Vice President, cold open

"Jay Pryor has been a source of immeasurable help in my life in terms of setting and achieving goals, personal organization, and so much more! His monthly calls always leave me both focused and excited to take on the tasks at hand!"

-Gitty Daneshvari, novelist and screenwriter

"Working with Jay has been a transformative experience. He has given me the confidence, tools and ability to execute on a strategic roadmap to achieving all of goals and beyond. Similar to a top athlete’s coach, Jay is always in your court and never lets you sit a day “on the bench” alone and without encouragement. Having that consistent support, care and attention to detail has made all the difference. Jay has an uncanny ability to get right to the root of the “issue” and always provides a clear, professional strategy for clearing out any roadblocks in your path. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, Jay probably isn’t your guy. If you’re looking for someone to tell you want to you need to hear, but in a loving, compassionate manner, look no further. With Jay by your side, all things are possible."

-S. MacNair-Founder & CEO, Creative Conduit, LLC

"Jay Pryor is an amazing coach. In the first half hour of our first meeting he identified the challenge that used to tie me up in knots. In six months, he gently but firmly guided me and enabled me to refocus my energies and move in a delightful new direction. Thanks Jay!"

-Diane Silver, Freelance Writer

"Coaching will always be part of my professional and personal growth because of my experience with Jay Pryor. And this coming from a driven, making-it-happen person who would never really consider life coaching as a "to do" let alone a "must do." I was wrong. It has been wild how much Jay has helped me stop over-thinking and second-guessing. I am not Ms. Zen now by any means, stress is just part of being successful. But I am less scared of messing up. So you might call that freedom, or courage, or being open minded. But really, when it comes down to it, Jay has just helped me make it not so painful to get what I really want."

-Tara Street, Owner and Principal, Braid Creative, LLC

"Jay Pryor has an amazing gift. After almost one year of Jay's professional and personal coaching, my life purpose and that of my company has been reshaped and transformed into something that gives me a great sense of direction. Jay has coached me to a level of performance I never realized I could achieve."

-Roy Page, CEO, Third Degree

"Working with Jay affords me a confidential resource to both structure goals and remain accountable to them. Jay acts as a no-nonsense sounding board charged with positive focus. He offers me tools to create balance in my life while achieving success in the workplace. His holistic approach is a calming force for me and the results I’ve experienced using his services are drastic!"

-Allison Moore, Sr. Vice President, Colliers International



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