The Book is Here. Thank you!


I have so much to be thankful for. I couldn't have done it without all of you. So many people have been pushing, prodding, and inspiring me to continue putting one foot in front of the other. I have had an incredibly powerful 10th year as a coach. That vision of having a career making a difference for people, setting my own hours. I even had a fantasy of traveling abroad with a nanny. Even that came to fruition. That's all been part of the vision. It's what I've been talking to you abut all along. I've been on TV, I've been on, I got to go to Mexico and lead my first vacation course. But know that even with all that, my mind can easily shift to what I haven't yet accomplished this year and what is still to be done.

Thank goodness for remembering to be thankful. I am still in the game with you practicing "progress not perfection." But I gotta tell you this past week has been a little surreal. On Friday I ordered my own book on Amazon. Today it came in the mail. It's here live and official. I'm so blessed to be able to share it with you because it's all about what I just talked about. Where we put our focus. As human beings, what happens when we let ourselves just be run by the mechanisms in our own head. I am so blessed that the universe conspired to bring it here now, just in time for Christmas. Thanks to so many of you who keep doing the work and showing me how well it works. I hope you'll find this to be another toolbox for you. 


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