Winks from the Universe

One of the intentions I'm setting for the year is to be really conscious when I get winks from the universe. I notice them sometimes. You probably do, too. Some people would call it synchronicity - or synchro-NICE-ity. If you pay attention, you'll find validation or guidance from the universe.

Hey!.jpgHere is a kind of silly example. I shared previously that my word for the year is shameless. Shameless about being happy, joyous, spiritual & just being who I am. For me, things like a "word for the year" don't always come to me in strong, definite ways. When the idea of "shameless" came up I thought it sounded pretty good, so I was mulling it over - feeling it out. That night I was watching TV and picked up my phone to scroll through the Facebook. A friend of mine posts that she is on a plane next to Harry Hamlin. Now, I'm not someone who spends much time on Facebook, so it was odd for me to even see or notice a post like that and take an interest in it. I say to my wife, "Hey, our friend is on a plane with Harry Hamlin." My wife asks me who that is. Normally I wouldn't have bothered, but I decided to look him up to show her. I scroll through a bunch of his pictures and find the one I'm going to show her. I click on the photo and right underneath his photo is the word "shameless." Now that is what I mean by a wink from the universe. I started flipping through all the other images and none of the others had the word shameless. Because I am intending to, I noticed it. 

When I first hurt my hip, I had been given the name of a physical therapist that does a certain type of healing I'd always wanted to check out. I had the thought that I should do it, but I didn't. Finally, when my hip was messed up I went to her. Had I really been listening and paying attention to the feeling I'd have seen her before it got so bad. I'd been given her information from 3 different people. If someones name comes up 3 times or something keeps appearing around you pay attention. 

So pay attention to the winks. They are something positive, but that you can miss. I invite you to join me in setting an intention to pay attention to those winks from the universe. They will guide and fill you up.

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