What's Your New Year's Evolution?

Have you set a word or theme for the year? If you haven't, do. If you have, let's be sure you are keeping it alive.


My word for the year is shameless. For me, that means without shame. I've been doing some shadow work for myself in the past few months. Just when you think you're all done something else shows up. We are never done. That's what this journey is about. Continuing to clear out anything that is in your way. Shameless to me is about moving forward without shame. Also, it's about being shamelessly happy, shamelessly joyful, and shamelessly into all the things I'm into. The spiritual work I do. The love I have for people. Every once in a while it comes up for me that it's just not "cool" being a spiritual dude. I've had to deal with myself about that. This year is about me being shameless about that.

If you don't have a word, I encourage you to choose one. My friend Cheryl Miller (cherylmillerville.com) is a coach who says, "don't set a new year's resolution, set an "evolution." What word for you would call you to evolve in the coming year? I invite you to consider that. Then, I invite you to meditate on and think about with that word alive and real in your life, what could be possible this year? Then I invite you to collage it. I have my clients working on their vision boards for the year. What I encourage you to do is to consider the word for the year and all that would make possible. Then sit down & tear out pictures from magazines that inspire you and remind you of that vision. Collage or arrange them in a vision board so you are looking at them all year. It will keep you present to it. If you choose a word or theme and do nothing to keep it present for you, you'll go unconscious. We are human. That's what we do. So pick a word. Something that has you evolve this year. Collage it. Put it up in your room or office.


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